Fantasy Football Tips come directly from our San Diego connection. Mike and his team of handicappers are always willing to lend a helping hand. The San Diego connection has been involved in high-stakes fantasy football since its inception. Trust me when I say, these people know what is going to happen from week to week. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable group that knows what they are talking about when it comes to fantasy football tips, you are in the right place. Our company has professionals that analyze injury reports, which is the key to being successful in fantasy football. Our handicappers also have access to huge databases that provide individual statistics versus teams over the course of their career. This is information you are not going to find somewhere else as easily. Get smart and take advantage of our free services. It is our pleasure to supply members with this winning information.

Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips should begin and end with money management. An individual should never bet more than 3% of their bankroll a day. That means if you start betting with a thousand dollars, you should be betting a total of $30 a day. This is where people who bet sports run into trouble. They have $300 to bet, so they bet all $300 at one time. This can be a disaster to many people out there. Treat betting sports like buying stocks. These are good football betting tips. You are not going to make money overnight, but if you stayed disciplined and managed your money, you will come out ahead in the end. Our company believes we provide the best sports advising service available on the Internet today. I know the integrity of myself and everyone involved with the growth and development of this company. All you have to do is follow our selections.

Basketball Betting Tips

Basketball Betting Tips have been given to me as a young man growing up in Chicago, Illinois. These tips have been evolving for years and everyone at ripe is aware of exactly what they are. Our company provides lead pipe locks during the NBA playoffs. We cannot reveal the whole system, but what we can do is tell you that it involves fading the teams that win by double digits. It is now common knowledge that NBA games have pre-determined outcomes; a former referee went to jail and wrote a book about it if you do not believe us. We have known these basketball betting tips for years, but since this came to light, business has really picked up for us. The idea that people actually know what others will do, before they do it has been intriguing people since the beginning of time. Buying stocks, marketing products, and various other ways to predict behavior have been a lucrative business for many years.

Baseball Betting Tips

Baseball Betting Tips and selections have been available at ripe for months now and the feedback has been tremendous. We have several members that purchased the MLB season package. They have had four straight weeks of winning selections. The happiness for our betters does not stop there; we have yet to give out a losing NBA selection this pre-season. The best baseball betting tips we can give for playoff baseball are try to have the home team and back the better pitcher. Pay close attention to total innings by starting pitchers, as fatigue plays a major role when the playoffs come around. When you follow these rules, your bankroll will increase as time goes by.

NFL Betting Tips

NFL Betting Tips and handicapping selections are some of the most sought after sports information on the market today. Pro- football is by far the hardest sport to make money in as a professional handicapper. If somebody tells you, differently do not believe them. There are easier ways to make money, but none are as fun as betting NFL football. Write down our NFL betting tips each week and by the end of the year you will have a guide on how to bet on professional football. Several books and articles are available to help people make educated selections each week. An example would be that the Indianapolis Colts are 3 and 14 against the spread during week 17. So, if you have a pencil, write that down. Fading the Colts week 17 will get you the money 82% of the time. This is just one of many tips you can receive when joining ripe