Sports Betting Websites

Sports Betting Websites that look out for customer’s best interests and long-term profits are hard to come by. At ripe, we do this everyday. We win at a high rate, but nobody wins all the time. Always be skeptical when hearing people claim to have crazy win percentages, like winning 97% of the time. Some sports betting websites flat out lie. Our picks are genuine and analyzed for hours and sometimes for days by several members of our handicapping team. Our intention every day is to make you money. If you are interested in a company that is willing to do that for you each day, you found the right sports advising service. Join now and become a member of our winning team.

Free Sports Betting

Free Sports Betting information is always available at Since the creation of our “Hall of Famer” selection, in honor of poker legend Doyle Brunson, interest in our company has multiplied thirty fold. Doyle's selection is currently 4-0 and looking to improve. Our company supplies a free daily pick to our entire customer’s visiting our website. We are proud to provide a service to people that supplies free sports betting analysis and selections. For the more serious handicappers, our company provides premium selections that is easily purchased and discreetly on our website. Daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal packages are available.

NFL Football Betting

NFL Football Betting selections and analysis should be trusted only when done by a professional sports handicapper. Our company provides several handicapping groups spanning the United States and coming together for one purpose, to supply winning sports information to our clientele. Whether we give you detailed statistical analysis or inside information, our company’s selections pay off in the end. Therefore, if you are ready to take NFL football betting to the next level, then it is time for you to join the ripe team. Whenever you are dealing with money always, use a professional to help secure it. Improve your chances by making sure the selection you wagered on is a certified pick by our team of handicappers.

Online Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting companies have huge earnings because people do not know how to bet on sports. If you are a person that is making a five team parlay every week and is wondering why you can never win, we have all the answers you need. Making money-betting sports is not easy, but if disciplined you can build a big enough bankroll, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars being a sports fan. Did we get your attention? Unless you live in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, finding a place to make a wager can be difficult. Most of the time, turning to online sports betting is the easiest option when it comes time to make a wager. Be careful when choosing your company, many online sportsbooks have problems with payouts and things of that nature.