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Las Vegas Connection

My name is Ryan Hood and currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The motto used for motivation is "Overkill is Underrated".  Learning this came directly working with the Computer Group, headed by Billy Walters, when only 20 years old.  Work responsibilities consisted of straight bets, middling, halftime, and futures wagering. The skills learned turned to expert after balancing the importance of statistical analysis, fundamental, and situational handicapping. While working at the Crazy Horse II, I developed many contacts with several top handicappers. These professionals taught me the ultimate importance of information gathering. I have been using these new and old handicapping techniques for years.   All our professionals are willing to share top rated matchup analysis with clients.   The passion for accurately predicting matchups never goes away at Ripe Picks.   Nor does giving professional sports betting 100% effort over the last 22 years. Make this website your daily stop for exclusive sports betting advise.  Good Luck Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Gandhiji




My name is Magic Mike and currently heading the Midwest Connection for Ripe Picks Incorporated. To sum myself up in three words, "I'm extremely lucky." Winning the close game is this group of handicappers bread and butter.  The Midwest Connection is a combination of 17 sources consisting of handicappers, bookies, professional athletes, and team management. Actually worked for the Chicago White Sox organization from 05-09. Traveling with the team develops many baseball contacts that gathered throughout the Midwest.   This is where the handicappers became experts in learning how to network data. Our handicappers specialize in NHL gathering and matchup analysis. However, handicappers contribute to selections provided in all sports throughout the season.  Betting Professional Hockey (NHL) is something that always came easily to these advisors. Over the years becoming friends with several players past and present. Out to dinner several times with the head coach of the Chicago Blackhawk's, Joel Quenneville. He is a great hockey mind and to be able to talk with him about hockey is personally extremely valuable. The Midwest Connection consistently works to get you the best information in the industry. In front and behind the scenes.  Good Luck  Life isn't worth living unless you're willing to take some big chances and go for broke. – Eliot Wiggington  

East Coast



Rays as a pitcher. Still, several friends currently pitching throughout the Major Leagues.   These contacts provide information along with other close family connections. It seems people are always trying to help this betting connection find an edge.  My father has been incarcerated since 1985 and continues to be one of the best handicappers you'll never hear about. It is amazing the inside information you can get from prisoners! Dad ran with an elite group of people before his time in prison. He received most of his fine-tuning in sports betting from his late friend "Lefty" Rosenthal. Both of us have a keen sense of athletic talent. Our specialties are Major League Baseball and College Sports. Stick with the Philadelphia Connection and let's win the next wager together. Good Luck Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us. – Thomas L. Holdcroft

Florida Connection



My name is Tim "Dog" and currently heading the Florida Connection. Still, 69 years young and can remember winning the first Super Bowl wager ever on January 15, 1967. Hooked by the excitement of the game being watched an opportunity to make money.  After becoming an expert it was time to pass down the secrets of handicapping success to all my children over the years.  There are at times collaboration with them before games released. This helps filter through the winning wagers each day.   The Tampa Connection consists of 10 members that are gathering information, analyzing data, and advising clientele. Our Connection's specialty is MLB, College Basketball. and the NBA.  Arguably these professionals are the top overall group at Ripe Picks Incorporated last season.   Enjoy the game and God Bless.  Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.  Josh Billings  




My name is Todd "The Godfather" and heading the Midwest Connection for Ripe Picks Incorporated. Growing up my parents separated, one in Grand Rapids and my father in Chicago. The upbringing in Michigan was strict and religious while my trips to Chicago were filled with gambling and fun. Being the son of a former bookie, turned on to gambling was not a far stretch. I was hooked and fast.  Whether it was a typical day at the racetrack, collecting parlay cards, or gambling debts, It was an experience few people have in this lifetime.  While in high school, considered by many as one of the best Mathematicians in the State of Michigan. Receiving an almost perfect score on the S.A.T exam my junior year in high school and then duplicating it in a private testing among school officials. These fortunate circumstances had me attending advanced Math classes in high school at the local college. With my full ride scholarship to a top University in hand, it didn't take me long to realize that it wasn't for me. Stopped schooling, began working, and played harness horses full time. The time came to move to Las Vegas when a job to work as a runner for The Computer Group became available. Here is where it all came together for me as a handicapper. The things you learn working with the greatest group of handicappers ever can never be replaced. Since those days, you can find me managing at the Mirage Casino. I love sports and spend most of my day looking for the best investments. Join our team and win money being a sports fan. "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." ~Eleanor Roosevelt  




My name is Joey Cannon and currently heading the Seattle Connection for Ripe Picks Incorporated. Gambling is a major part of life for the last 28 years. It allowed a person from the East Coast to travel the world and work in several unique places. Met the President of Ripe Picks living in Las Vegas over 12 years.  He is extraordinary at predicting games. Using the skills taught, I met people in the know.  They taught the importance of information gathering and how to get it. If there is a need to pay a janitor at the University of South Florida for information about players or coaches, do it.  Currently residing in Seattle, but always traveling back and forth from my Rhode Island home. Gives clientele a ton of versatility with regional teams on both coasts.  The Seattle Connection specializes in handicapping college sports but contributes to all sports. The NBA was this group's biggest winner last year with a record of 82-35 (70%). Choose the Seattle Connection for all your sports advising information. Good  Luck.  Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive Anyways. – Anonymous  




DJ Rollo is top notch handicapper that specializes in wagering on football and basketball.  He traveled the world, met a lot of people, and learned the money making sports betting systems.  Ripe Picks is ecstatic to have this legend on our handicapping team.  Rollo won 73% of wagers in 2016 and looking to improve on that number this season.  The strength of selections comes from the diverse methods and philosophy used.  A built-in money management system allows for smarter and more controlled investments.  Take advantage of Rollo's expertise in all professional and college sports this season.    Some are born great; some achieve greatness; and some have greatness thrust upon them.   ~William Shakespeare        

West Coast



William Windsor is a top handicapper from California.  He got his name from having the right side in games, then pouring it on the second half.  Hence the nickname "Win Win" evolved.  The game analysis and predictions provided by the West Coast Connection are cashing at amazing rates.  William has plenty of sports informants and actually views a lot of matchups live to aid in handicapping.  The strategic statistical analysis, information gathering, and viewing games live is becoming a deadly formula for our backers.  William Windsor's betting philosophy is cashing in for clientele 7 years in a row.  Not much else to say, other than get on board today.   "Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." ~Jim Rohn  


All Testimonials

Purchased a one month NBA Handicapping service after watching the free pick win 80% of the time.  Figured if the free information is that solid, the premiums are extremely good bets.  Impressed by the accuracy of predictions and ability to make a profit long term.  Since moving to California 
sports investing has been a problem,  but not any more. Thank you.

Randy, California

Really happy with the handicapping service provided. The website allowed instant access to picks and the professional predictions won 9 straight times.  Surely results will vary, but I would definitely recommend Ripe Picks to friends. Posted by Jason

Jason, Australia

I've been using Ripe Picks Professional Handicapping Sercice for a few months now and pleased with results.  The most important factor is selections come back winners the majority of time. Expert predicitons are informative and accurate for any level sports investor.  This is a really great service.

Pete, Chicago

Used Ripe Picks for marquee games throughout the seasons and happy with results.  Finding a sports advisor that is honest, skilled, and determined is usually impossible in this business.  Very fortunate to have found them.    I see a bright future for this company.

Matt, Vegas

A fantastic service from Ripe Picks. I just received my first expert game analysis and prediction through the website.    The experts do all the research and filter the selections into best win probabilities.  This is equivilent to cheating off Dr. James Andrew during a medical examination. What is received by the customer is great value for money. 

Bob, Florida