Basketball Playoffs 2017

Basketball Playoffs 2017 is going to be exciting if the Nuggets trade Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks or Bulls.  Trading him to either of those teams makes them instantly as good as the Miami Heat is on paper, but the Bulls might still be the team to beat in the East without Carmelo.  They have been in the playoffs before as a cohesive unit. The addition of a team player, like Carlos Boozer and some badly needed outside shooting guards, is just what they needed last season.  The Magic and the Celtics are very good teams as well that added some good free agents over the off season.  Looking at the Western Division the Lakers are going to be in the basketball playoffs 2010. This season they are trying to go for three titles in a row.  L.A needs Bynum to stay healthy this season and then everything should be cruising for the Lakers.  The Dallas Mavericks are a team that is always trying to get better because of their coach Mark Cuban.  He is always willing to make moves that make his team better.  Look for him to move Jason Terry before the end of the season in a big trade.  The Nuggets will be good, but not good enough once again.  The San Antonio Spurs are always good due to the amount of foreign players they draft.  Foreign players are more fundamentally sound compared to American players.   

Best NBA Games are analyzed by our team of handicappers and then game selections are recommended for our clientele to wager on.  This season will be interesting because of a potential lockout by the league next year.  Here is a list of the best NBA games this season.   The Heat’s best games are against the Celtics on opening night, October 27th .  On October 29th, they take on the Orlando Magic to see who the best team is in the Southeast conference. The Cavaliers are waiting for LeBron James and the Heat to come into Cleveland on December 2nd.   Miami will host the Cavaliers in a rematch on December 15th.  On Christmas day the Heat take on the Lakers in a much anticipated game between the two best teams in the NBA.  The Celtics best games are November 11th when they host the Denver Nuggets.  The game you don’t want to miss is when they take on the Magic Christmas day.  Boston’s next big game will be against the Spurs on January 5th, 2011.  Celtics play the Lakers on January 30th, 2011 in Boston’s biggest game of the season.  Check with us on the dates provided to get your analysis and picks.