Career in Sports advising can be realized when using the techniques and selections purchased at ripe picks. Each member of our company has his or her stories about when they decided to pursue a sports advising career. Some people were construction workers that decided that working in the hot sun for long hours is not the way to go anymore. Team leader of our Michigan connection was a brilliant mathematician that decided that crouching numbers in sports is way more fun then playing with imaginary numbers. Some of our members were in the service industry and were successful in networking themselves before having a career in sports betting. They met and stayed friends with important people that make information gathering efficient and reliable. Members of our Tampa connection worked on cruise ships and stayed friends with high profile athletes and sports executives. The owner of the company was visiting Atlantis in the Bahamas and played simulcast horses with the owner of a professional Florida franchise for three days. They talk to this day about sports and various other aspects of sports. The point we are trying to make is that we relate to you. We are not going to take a photo in front of a Bentley fanning out a bunch of hundreds. That is ridiculous behavior that draws unnecessary attention to yourself. The best handicappers do not try to impress you with fancy things, we impress you with winning selections. The guy in the suit is selling you something you already want. Doesn’t that make you feel uncomfortable? At ripe picks we know this, so flaunting and bragging is not what we do best. Winning is what we do best. Our goal is to make a career in sports for you. Join our team and make the decision to side with the team that is busting our tails for you everyday and not sitting at our virtual reality office in a penthouse at the Golden Nugget. Look at some of these clowns pretending to be better than you. We are no different than any of you using our service when it comes to determination or stature. Our company separates ourselves from everyone else by being the hardest working sports advising group in the country. The difference is in the numbers. We win at an extremely high rate and have a massive amount of man hours put into every selection our company releases.