Inside information is our bread and butter at ripe picks. It’s not what you know as much as it is who you know. Since we know handicappers, wise guys, and players throughout the country, gathering this information has become a major system for us. Just off the top of our head we can think of a dozen tips that we have provided our clientele that resulted in easy wins. Check our free daily selection and you will find that we know more than the other guys when it comes to making our selections. We have had winning runs on free selections several times. The first 16 selections provided for free had a record of 14 wins and 2 losses. This information was provided for our clients for free. That is one of the nicest things a company will ever do for you the rest of your life. Let me know when someone is documented giving away winning selections 87.5% of the time. We said documented because everyone has the winner after the game but who is saying it before the game starts? The people with inside information, like the workers of ripe picks, can make predictions on games with confidence because they have intimate knowledge on the game. Watching games over the years, people can hear in the voices of commentators during the pre game show when something strange is going on in the game. The announcer usually repeats himself three times or talks with a matter of a fact voice. Listen for it and sometimes a common bettor can gather information from the way these announcers are holding back and what they know about the outcome of the game. The good news for clientele of ripe picks is that we don’t hold back the insider tips, we share it. Here is an example from this weekend. The customers that purchased the selection on the Titans were told that we have reliable data coming in on the game. Don't be fooled by back up QB talk with the Titans. They have proven in the past that they play well behind whichever quarterback is starting. Our Company's selection was the Tennessee Titans -3 points. The game started with starting quarterback Vince Young on the bench injured. The Titans won the game 37-19 without him. This is the type of inside information we get and translate to our customers. We have expert analysis and selections for all the top sporting events of the day.