NCAA Sports is the best sport to wager on.  The teams are playing for pride and tradition.  The Bowl games in football and the NCAA basketball tournament are two of the best events all year in sports. This year’s college football season has Boise State knocking on the door for a National Title game.  They are testing the strength of the current BCS system by placing themselves in a position where an undefeated record could still keep them out of the Championship game.  If Boise State is the only undefeated team left at the end of the season and they don’t play in the National Championship game, the system will be replaced with a playoff system.  To us the playoff system will add games, increase risk of injury, and affect student studies.  If something is going to be done in NCAA sports these factors need to be considered first and foremost.  Don’t start treating college football like a business.  It will affect the way the game is played and increase the risks teams will take to win. College Football will never have a perfect system because the turn around for each game is a week where a basketball team can play three straight days.  This is why the March Madness NCAA sports tournament is the single most exciting event in sports history.  The Cinderella stories told are about a team that played poorly at first, but as time went on, they gelled into a champion.  Where would the world be without Jimmy V and N.C State winning the title or Villanova upsetting Georgetown? This is what NCAA sports are all about, David beating Goliath.  In college football, this is not a factor at the end of the season because Goliath plays Goliath.  The separation between the top 10 teams is so vast why not use a smaller amount of teams and play a tournament in college football.