Sports Investing is much quicker and more exciting then buying a stock. First of all, where can you get a 100% return on your money in three hours? Realistically no stock will do this but it happens in just about every sporting event that is wagered on. Once a game goes final the customer can collect their money shortly thereafter. If a single game wager is not enough excitement for the customer, parlays are available upon request. A parlay is a wager involving multiple teams tied in to each other for an exponential payout. An example is a $20 dollar two team parlay will return $72 to the person making the wager. The biggest parlay allowed is an 8 team parlay. The pay out on a 20 dollar 8 team parlay would be around $950. Parlays are obviously much riskier than a straight bet because if any game on the parlay loses, the ticket is dead. This is a key fact in betting parlay so remember that every game on the ticket must win in order to get paid. People involved with sports investing get confused sometimes and think 7 out of 8 should pay something. We can tell you that it does not pay a dime. Treat betting on sports like investing in a stock. Move your money around daily in an efficient money making system that allows for short and long term profits. We have the system already in place at ripe picks to provide clientele with selections with high probabilities and other selections with known probabilities. The selections we know are golden have a 10 star “hall of famer” description added to them. This lets the customer know that this game is rare and highly probable. The star system that we provide is the easiest way to manage your money. The concept is you add up the total amount of stars and divide it by the bank roll for that day. The number you get is for one star. If a selection is 8 stars you take the number for one star and times it by 8. Example would be if a client had two 5 star bets and he is risking $100. Adding the total star would equal 10 and dividing it by $100 would give you $10 per star. Therefore each game would get $50($10 * 5 stars) wagered on them. Money management is rule number one when it comes to sports investing. The best sports bettor’s realize that just because your down today does not mean you bet more tomorrow. The game is of percentages and not always instant gratification.