Free Sports Online information is available everywhere you want to look.  This information should only be considered relevant when it comes from a reputable source.  The entire Company consists of handicappers who have been involved in gambling for the past 5-50 years.  This way we know all the old and new tricks the sports books try to pull on players.  The advices from free sports online are used to analyze public opinion.  If every average Joe in the world likes a game 7 times out of 10 the game loses.  Other ways to gauge public opinion is to check sportsbooks for opening lines compared to current odds.  The odds change in response to the gamblers action.  If the public is betting a favorite at -5 point, the sportbook will move the number to -5.5 or -6 to get action on the other side.  Remember the concept of sportsbooks is to get equal action on both sides of a game to guarantee the 10% vigorous on the wagers placed.