Sports News Articles gathered from several websites and news articles throughout the country. These articles can be persuasive if not read carefully. An example would be reading a preview for Florida State versus BYU. If the sports news articles originate in BYU the preview will probably, sound like Steve Young is still their starting quarterback. We all know this is not the case. Nevertheless, what if we did not; could you be talked into betting a certain team by a persuasive article? We bet you can, and so do the sport books. Most of these previews are done by overseas sportsbooks with the intention of talking you on the wrong side. In our opinion, no sportsbook is going to give out information that leads to customers making accurate sports betting decisions. How would they stay in business if they gave out the winning team every time you went to make a wager? They would not be in business. Our company however is biased towards you winning only. So come to us when you are looking for accurate sports betting information.