NFL Playoff Games are going to begin in January of 2011. The AFC East Conference will have the Jets and New England representing.  The AFC North will come down to the Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals.  The AFC South is anyone to win, but the Titans are looking like the team to beat.  The AFC West will have the Chiefs and Denver challenging the San Diego Chargers.  The American Football Conference has a lot of exciting teams in each conference that will make for tough NFL playoff games.  The National Football Conference is the weaker overall conference.  The NFC East is probably the best division with the Eagles, Giants, and Redskins all playing tough.  The NFC North is a joke with the Bears on top, but you should see the Packers winning it by the years end.  The NFC South is the location of the struggling defending champs.  Atlanta and Tampa are playing well, but will need more to contend with a healthy New Orleans team.  The NFC West is in shambles with the favorite San Francisco 49ers in dead last.  Look for the Arizona Cardinals to be in the playoff this post season.  The prediction for the Super Bowl from is the New England Patriots versus the Green Bay Packers.  

Watch NFL Games Online for Free

Watch NFL Games Online for Free by going to CBS sports-line, ESPN3, or other sports media websites.  They supply college and some professional games for people to view outside the television region, so they can follow their favorite teams. Nothing is worse than expecting to see a game and having the NFL black it out because there wasn’t a sell out.  Tickets are $150 dollars for nose bleed seats and that doesn’t include food or parking.  You are looking at a $200 a day per person to see a professional game in freezing weather.  We can watch NFL games online free and on a 70-inch plasma with 1080 resolution and a HD feed. Why would anyone pay to see a game live when you can watch them all on  They even include the red zone package from Direct T.V for free.  There are over a handful of sites that provides free sporting events that would cost you money to view usually.  Find the one that works best for you and remember that it is free and sometimes it can freeze up or act funny.  This does not usually happen, but if it does just refresh the feed.  These are tricks that should be used by every serious sports handicapper in order to view as much content as possible.