Betting College Sports is the easiest way to earn money in handicapping.  The psychology of the college game is easier to understand and predict.  They schedule homecoming games and senior night to provide additional motivation to the players and the fans to go out and help the team win.  Home field advantage really means something in college because of the cost of the tickets and the atmosphere at the game.  They will create anything to start a rivalry.  Teams can play for a broken bell or a bag of nails that the winner gets to hold until next season as bragging rights.  School presidents will make friendly wagers amongst themselves in support of their school.  The Florida State Seminoles eat gator tails all week before they play the Florida Gators as motivation to play hard.  During Duke basketball games the student section stands the entire time they are in the gymnasium.  That means they stand during the opposing teams pre-game shoot around until the game is over.  Consider betting college sports if you want to feel like your getting maximum effort for your money.  Professional sports play to the bettor way to often.  The officials can control any drive at the professional level with well timed penalties.  If they tried this at a college game the officials would need to be escorted back to their hotels for safety reasons.