MLB Series information is always current and available to our customers prior to game time. We have predicted the Giants versus Rangers Series since the All-Star break.  They are both currently in their league’s Championship series.  Hopefully, all of our members put in their 5-1 futures wager on the Rangers to win the A.L Division like we advised.  Our Company feels that if this goes the way we plan the Rangers will be the World Series Champion for 2010.  What other sports advising company is willing to put out selections like this ahead of time?  We hear people say they selected games after the fact, but where are the selections before the game?  We feel it is time to make the average person a money making sports investor. Don’t believe the hype that people always win. We can guarantee you that nobody does because variance is an uncontrollable factor.  Anyone who claims they can control it is a liar.   The trick is to minimize error and put you in the best possible situation to win over the long term.  What advantage would there be in predicting the Yankees are going to win the World Series?  A person should be very careful when siding with the favorite, since they win a small percentage of the time.  The Yankees rarely hold value because of their immense popularity. The smart handicappers look for times to beat the Yankees, not side with them.  Their opponents are the teams holding the value most of the time.  A small tip like this has made us money in the Rangers and Yankees series, grabbing plus money the majority of the time.  One of our favorite statistics is a teams MLB series record following a win or loss.  This season there was a time the St Louis Cardinals were 15-2 game #2 of a series following a loss.  That is a nice trend to get on when it was realized at 4-1.  This would translate into an 11 win and 1 loss record.  Sharp bettors know the current situation and condition of every team in professional baseball at any given time.  Our Company analyzes team schedules to avoid vulnerability due to travel, start times, and other outside factors. At every angle, we have you covered.