Champion League Online is going to be a game everyone is playing so be one of the first to join.  The owner of, developed by Ryan Walther, will revolutionize the way sports are being interpreted around the world.  With the popularity of fantasy sports and online poker, our president decided to raise the stakes and change the game.  The top priority is to make the game mobile and reliable for our users.  A phone application is being made to allow the members to play the game anytime they choose.  A second way for easy access to our game is through our website.  Are you a competitive person?  Challenge other players from around the world to see who the best player truly is.  Communicate with people and make new friends and connections while playing games. One of the problems with playing other games has to play by you.  Another problem with other games is playing the same game over and over.  This can get boring after a while no matter what game you are playing.  The game we create will give several options to choose from when the player selects their game.  We want to accommodate every player’s desires no matter when they want to play. The next time you are stuck on a plane, in an office, or just waiting around for someone, turn this time into fun with a reward by joining champion league online. Each player will receive a set amount of credits at the beginning of the game. The goal of the game is to turn these credits into as many credits as possible in the given amount of time set for the game. The option to play any game is available but remember the riskier the games the higher the payouts. Are you a risk taker or scared to lose? Determine the type of player you are and select the game that fits your risk level. The player with the most money at the end of the game period will be the winner. Check your rankings to see where you stand in the quest for first place as the game is in progress. Depending on the amount of players registered for each game, prizes will be given beyond first, second, and third places. Win real prizes when you win at champion league online. Other games only offer bragging rights on a high score; our players win trips and the newest desired products. Find out what everyone is talking about when the league begins in December 2010.