Fantasy Basketball is a bite off of fantasy baseball. After the invention of the internet the game exploded in popularity. Before the computer, stats had to be kept by hand and was extremely tedious. With a computer everything can be done automatically and updated in real time. This means as the game is being played the running score can be determined to let both players know if they are winning or losing at any given moment. This makes playing way more interesting for the players because they can root for their players at the end of the games. The owner of each team is referred to as the General Manager. Rotisserie is the most popular style of fantasy basketball. This game uses specific statistical categories referred to as Stat Cats. All Stat Cat’s are worth the same amount so all categories are added up to determine a fantasy’s team score. The scoring depends on the number of teams in the league. If a league has 25 players, the player that wins a Stat Cat’s category would earn 25 points. The player who took second in the Stat Cat’s category would receive 24 points and so on. A first place tie would give each player involved 24.5 points. Once all the Stat Cat’s categories are added up the owner gets their overall score. The number adjusts throughout the season depending on how well their players perform the rest of the season. Some pointers to players from our company is to pay attention to the Stat Cat’s categories the league is factoring. The people who write fantasy basketball articles for magazines give overall rankings to players but often don’t tell you for which Stat Cat. A perfect example is the Stat Cat’s for turnovers. Dwayne Wade becomes a super hero in leagues when turnovers are not factored in. When turnovers are considered he will fall considerably in rankings. The second style of game has two players facing one another and is called a head-to-head league. In these leagues each teams General Manager sets a lineup for every game and scores are added at the end of the week to determine a winner. The team with the best winning percentage at the end of the season is the winner. The third style of fantasy league is the points based league in which points are awarded to each player for certain statistics. All the players points are added into one lump score to determine the winner. Keeper leagues usually run for three seasons and allow managers to keep players at the end of each season if they opt to do so. Pick ‘em leagues allow for the same player to be taken by multiple owners in hope of assembling the best roster for any given amount of time. Finally, some leagues are set up with salary structures that make it impossible to stack teams with all-star players. Each team has to stay under the salary cap at draft time. The best advice we can give a potential fantasy owner is to always pay close attention to what categories are factored and not factored before choosing your players.